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CMC Bathtub Refinishing is a firm believer on saving the original finish on bathtubs and showers. Most tub refinishers who want to spray refinish, forget to mention the peeling issues in the soon near future. The spray refinished tubs do require special care so the refinished material does not get damaged.

Again CMC Bathtubs goal is to save the original finish because you can get many more years of use from your tub or shower and the original finish will never peel. We have a process to clean those hard to clean tubs and showers. CMC can remove years of soap build up, hard water stains from city water, and iron stains from well water. These issues hide the shine from tubs and showers making them look old and dull, making people think it will need to be replaced. Most all of the cleaning products you can buy do not work and some of them can actually damage porcelain and fiberglass finishes. When CMC cleans a tub or shower, we get the original shine back and make it look new again at a fraction of replacement cost. CMC does repair fiberglass and porcelain, cracks in fiberglass tubs and shower bottoms by repairing the crack and installing a new fiberglass bottom and re-support the bottom if it is weak. We offer no-slip mats to help prevent slip and fall accidents, our mats are extensively tested for hotel/motel industry standards. CMC is licensed and insured and have over 20 years of experience in the business. We offer free estimates for residential, rentals, condos, apartment complexes, hotels and motels. CMC Bathtub Refinishing is proud to be an Angie's List preferred contractor for years with many great reviews, so if you have any questions please give us a call!

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